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"We draw a water colour "Paradise apples""

  Addition date: 2010-06-18
  View: 226

    At first we will outline a pencil thin lines apples and leaves. Leaves can be traced not so in detail. I drew on paper А3.

So, moisten sheet with water (a brush or a sponge) that, washouts were more gentle. Without waiting, when the paper will dry up, we type almost transparent colours and прокрываем them our background.

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"We draw a pastel "the Sea landscape""

  Addition date: 2010-06-17
  View: 1154

For this work I took А4 a format of a colour paper for a pastel. Divide sheet on two parts (the sky and the sea) and as plan rocks.

Not strongly pressing, shade the sky light blue мелками. And then pound the sky fingers that smooth transitions have turned out. Dark blue colour add and in rocks. For rocks I used black, green, pale yellow, emerald, white and dark blue shades. At their mixture such rocks turn out here.

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"We draw a pastel "the Lion in Savanna""

  Addition date: 2010-06-16
  View: 1037

For this work I took format А4. Plan a lion.

Taking dark blue and white it is small shade the sky. For a lion take cream shades. All it pound a finger.

further using white, orange, dark red, brown shades finish a lion.

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